BUDDHA IN THE MUD. There are two truths: the real and the seemingly real. Their connection is the negative emotions. There is a secret life to the emotions; they can liberate us.

Our Mind Is The True Buddha

It is the very essence of our mind that is the true Buddha. Whether the contents of our mind feel depressed, irritated, angry, confused, elated, happy, dull … the essential pure nature of our mind is Buddha; enlightened, pure consciousness, God.

Who are we to believe? What sort of ‘package’ are we looking for? Someone in robes, on a throne? Someone with a long beard perhaps, or bald and smiling? Teachings given in a church, temple or gompa? Something that gives us a feeling of authority? Do we want this to feel exclusive? Do we feel safe in our ‘package’? If we have our ‘package’, then what do we feel about others’ ‘packages’?

The essence of mind is right here, right now.
We are, in truth, the essence of mind!
We are what we have always been looking for.

Thinking we cannot find it,

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